Skilled Technicians
Our technician’s extensive backgrounds each include over a decade of performing Computer Network Defense for the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and various military organizations. They hone their skillsets by competing in contests at major security conferences such as DEFCON and ToorCon.
Pro-active Support
Unlike most major IT Service Providers, we don’t just focus on problems when you need us. We monitor your systems for potential errors and faults in attempts to fix the problems before they interrupt your organization’s IT performance. We want to assist you in improving your architecture, not just maintain it.
A True Service Provider
Are you sick of Mom and Pop shops that try to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” product and then disappears when it’s time to support it? We get to know your team and mission in order to become and/or supplement YOUR IT department.


To include, but not limited to:
High Performance Computing
We are partnered with leaders  in the High Performance Computing community to be able to provide GPU accelerated applications such as Suricata (Firewalls), OmniSci(Databases), and Machine-Learning.
Technical Support
We are available for technical support issues either via phone (8 am – 6 pm Pacific) or a ticket can be submitted to our help desk via portal or email. We do our best to support you remotely if we can. If an on-site visit is required (following a remote support session) there is no additional fee for coming onsite.
Security Assessments and Evaluations
Cybersecurity assessments and evaluations give you a report into your infrastructure to help identify gaps in the security of your information. What we do is NOT an audit; it helps you bolster your defense and help prove to insurance providers and company evaluators that you are fulfilling your due-diligence to follow the guidelines of regulations such as HIPAA and the CCPA.
Cloud Service Management
Do you have a cloud infrastructure? We have the ability to manage your Office 365, GSuite, AWS, or other services which you have hosted in the cloud.
Tech Refresh
Bring your organization’s IT Infrastructure up to speed by modernizing equipment and having full documentation of your system. Updated hardware and documentation allow for quicker diagnosis and solutions of problems, easy management of changes required, and helps increase the longevity and usage of your investment in your IT system.
Consulting and Projects
Need a hand with implementing a new technology or process? Our consulting services are project based and allow us to help you with major changes to your system. It is an hourly based fee. If you are a client of our full managed service suite, then there is a discount of 35%.


Technical Support
All support calls between the hours of 8 am – 6 pm are included with your service.
We act as your virtual Chief Information Officer in order to not just fix your problems, but help guide your IT systems to work towards the overall mission of your organization.
Centralized Monitoring Services
We provide you with antivirus, backup and recovery services, and remote monitoring and fixes.
Augment your team
Already have an IT team? We augment your team by providing them access to our resources. This allows them to escalate tickets and issues as needed.
Tech Refresh
We work with you to modernize your system and documentation to increase visibility in your network. We ARE your IT department.
Simple Pricing
One monthly fee covers our all-inclusive plan based on the size and scope of your IT Infrastructure.


San Diego, CA
(858) 228 4177